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Publishers Need to Collaborate with Content

26 May 2014

Consumers' appetite for content on a 24-hour basis is at an all-time high, and many publishers are struggling to keep up. Most are experimenting with a multitude of different strategies, from native to mobile to social and more, all in the name of earning revenue and providing readers with a constant stream of fresh, engaging content.

But the fact remains that high-quality content, from in-depth articles to premium videos, is scarce. This valued content is expensive and time-consuming to do well, and in today's climate it no longer makes sense for publishers to create great content and have it live only on their own websites.

All of this adds up to the need for a radical shift in how publishers do business. They need to be more forward-thinking, taking a page out of the blogosphere and adapting in a more meaningful way to the openness of the internet. They need content exchanges.

Content exchanges enable publishers to buy and sell content at scale, increasing traffic to their own articles, filling gaps in their coverage and opening up new revenue streams. A handful of digital media outlets have begun to experiment with these types of exchanges, but legacy print brands as well as traditional content brands have been especially apprehensive, and the industry as a whole has been very slow to adopt the very thing that could help save it. (Full disclosure: AOL operates a content exchange, but so do Cox, Gannett, Hearst, Tribune Co. and others.)

If executed correctly, content exchanges will enable premium publishers to share premium content while maintaining full control over what appears on their sites, negating fears about subpar content. The bottom line is that this is a tool that publishers can no longer afford to ignore.

To read the full AdAge article click here.

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