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3/4 of Pinterest Usage on Mobile

04 Dec 2013

According to Piqora, having performed "the first scientific and quantitative research" of 1,000 brands on Pinterest between February and October of this year, the Pinterest mobile user base grew 50 per cent this year, and 75 per cent of usage happened on a mobile device.

Findings from the survey show that, on average, a Pin generates 78 cents in sales, up by 25 per cent from Q4 2012, and drives two site visits and six page views

50 per cent of visits happen after 3.5 months of first Pinning. Pins get discovered long after they're born and continue driving visits to sites. This is because discovery on Pinterest today is feed driven for fresh pins, and is search/navigation driven for older Pins. Other social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are primarily feed driven with little or no browsing behavior. Also, Pinterest Board pages can rank on Google long after the original posts, says the report.

50 per cent of orders happen after 2.5 months of pinning. When a product is on Pinterest, it signals that the product is worth buying. That creates a strong latent demand for products. Popular pins continue to get discovered via search and navigation.

To read the full article on Mediapost click here.

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