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Honeymoon for Native Ads Could be Over

04 Dec 2013

Advertisers are eventually getting around to demanding, "Show me the metrics." The problem with native ads is figuring out what metrics constitute success. Publishers are trying to get out in front on this, providing reports to advertisers that are in the language of publishing.

Forbes, for example, is starting to give advertisers in its Brand Voice platform two new dashboards to provide better metrics. One will provide statistics for brand content, like top posts, pageviews, total visitors, repeat visitors. Basically, publisher metrics. The other is a social dashboard, providing data about how well content does on social networks from social actions to social referrals. The bet is that when clients like SAP say they want to be publishers, they mean it.

"I think the publisher stats are the first point of departure for these marketers on how it's all working for them inside that set of key indicators that are most important to them," said Mike Perlis, CEO of Forbes. "All of these elements that are important to a publisher are important to a brand. The specifics of how that works against their key indicators, that depends on what they're trying to accomplish. We'll work with them to adjust these stats against their key metrics."

To read the full Digiday article click here.

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