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Digital Media Leads Global Growth

12 Sep 2013

According to the PQ Media Global Consumer Usage of Digital Media Forecast 2013-17, consumer digital media usage worldwide is on pace to grow 11.8 per cent in 2013, driven by double-digit gains in time spent with 14 of the 21 online, mobile and other digital media channels. While global digital media usage continues to rise at double-digit rates, traditional media consumption is pacing for decelerated 1.3 per cent growth in 2013, due to live TV trending flat.

Traditional media garnered the vast majority of overall time spent on media in 2012, averaging 37.9 hours per week, or 87.6 per cent of total media consumption. Nevertheless, the consumer transition to digital media, particularly among younger generations, is gaining momentum. Consumer digital media usage accounted for 12.4 per cent of global time spent with media in 2012, nearly double its share in 2007, while digital media's share of total media revenues almost doubled to 22.9 per cent, PQ Media found.

Patrick Quinn, CEO, PQ Media, says "... the ability of digital media to... target and engage on-the-go consumers... key driver behind the gains in share of total media usage and revenues... traditional media still accounts for the lion's share of media consumption... (but) post-Boomer generations spend on digital media is increasing at double-digit rates... hastening shift of advertising and marketing dollars..."

Surging global demand from iGens, Millennials and GenXers for online and mobile video, social media and games, as well as over-the-top (OTT) video will boost consumer digital media usage this year to an average of 6.0 hours per week, according to the report. GenX (1964-79) led all other generation segments in 2012 with 6.61 hours of average digital media usage per week, followed by Baby Boomers (1946-64) at 5.88 hours.

To read the full Mediapost article click here.

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