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Count On Us Ad Campaign Positive

19 Aug 2013

Statistics from the successful completion of the CAB "Count on us" member advertising campaign which commenced in early August 2011 and aimed to promote ABA members, educate advertisers and raise brand awareness through a fun and engaging creative. To view the results

Campaign results:

• 431 advertisement downloads from our digital library
• 1,402 individual digital library resource views
• 55+ direct contacts from people who did their own jelly bean and people counts

Paul Dovas, Chief Executive Officer, explained the importance of promoting publisher members. "The ‘Count on Us' advertising campaign gave our publisher members the opportunity to reach out to their existing and prospective advertising clients and reassure them of their commitment to provide a transparent and accountable trading environment through their independently verified CAB Audit. The campaign was a resounding success delivering a strong message and an engaging creative," said Dovas.

Heather Craven, Director of Marketing and Communications, was overwhelmed with feedback."The buy-in from our CAB members was a success with 431 advertisements downloaded and members supporting the promotion with ads appearing every week from August 2011 through to this week. Our team have also been kept busy with enquiries ranging from counts of jelly beans and people to membership enquiries, showcasing the effectiveness of the creative design and messaging," acknowledged Craven.

The AMAA will begin planning the next member house advertisement campaign as part of the organisations marketing and communications activities for the year ahead.

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