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Digital Innovations Inject New Life into an Old Medium

19 Aug 2013

Despite gloomy predictions around its demise, print has undergone a quiet revolution of late, with technologies including augmented reality, printed electronics and near-field communications injecting life into the much-loved medium.

The Drum reports that the attention span of the modern consumer has reduced since the days before computers. We're living in an age of constant digital connection, with the proliferation and increased intuitiveness of smartphones meaning we remain switched on 24/7.

The impact on our psyche is debatable - but certainly it has changed our attitudes to print. With many preferring the quick fix, instant delivery of online content to consumption of a printed magazine or newspaper, publishers and brands have a challenge on their hands to ensure they engage and interest their audiences.

Technologies such as augmented reality, printed electronics and NFC are paving the way for a new type of content consumption in the digital age - and by integrating the tangibility of print with the immediacy of digital, they are injecting new life into one of the oldest mediums, allowing print to become more interactive, engaging and useful.

Read the rest of this article at The Drum.

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