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Effective Measure launches Australian platform to equalize the digital playing field

05 Aug 2013

As the Australian online advertising market matures with a forecast value of $4.9 billion by 2017, the digital measurement needs of the Australian online sector are rapidly evolving identifying that the Australian media industry deserves a digital measurement solution that meets the sophisticated demands of agencies, advertisers, online publishers and their audiences. Effective Measure, has launched its globally deployed digital dashboard, Enable, in the local market.

"The Australian digital media industry has been anticipating a fresh alternative to the current status quo in digital measurement for some time. The Audited Media Association of Australia's current tender for the provision of a new and dynamic digital measurement solution is a clear call to arms for all digital media industry stakeholders to evolve with the rapid shifts and demands created by mobile and multi-device usage," said Effective Measure CEO Richard Webb.

Effective Measure monitors and measures consumers and their behaviour through over 800 million internet connected devices worldwide per month.

Effective Measure has officially launched the internationally road tested online measurement dashboard, Enable, to the Australian market. Developed in Melbourne in 2008, the Effective Measure solution has now been deployed across 33 countries globally and is the de facto measurement standard in the majority of those markets.

"After personally working in the Middle East and South East Asia for Effective Measure, it is gratifying to bring our global experience back to Australia where Effective Measure was born and has developed all of it's technology. We look forward to working with the industry to deliver a more comprehensive and unified view of the Australian digital landscape. Our model is structured in a way that opens up access and visibility for publishers, brands and agencies of all sizes with a simple to use, single version of the truth," said Effective Measure, Regional MD Oceania, Dinesh Arasaratnam.

The Enable solution is designed to capture the key Media Planning and Buying metrics with a concentrated focus on Media Planning which helps publishers create additional revenue opportunities. The Effective Measure dashboard features insights into both web and mobile consumption as well as detailed Demographic, Lifestyle and Purchase Influence segmentation.

"As the digital market becomes more fragmented our customers are seeking current and more cost effective solutions. Launching Enable for Agencies in the Australian market and introducing our campaign effectiveness solutions which many agencies globally have already adopted will offer depth and clarity to the entire media market from mainstream to niche," Arasaratnam added.

The Enable dashboard provides a centralised view of online audience behaviour. The dashboard, which is updated daily and viewable 24/7, provides deep insight into traffic and demographic patterns that assist in improving online planning and buying decisions.

Effective Measure is offering a number of initiatives to the Australian market to open up the digital playing field. For content publishers, Effective Measure is allowing free access to any site with a million impressions per month or less. Effective Measure is also currently offering Australian agencies free access to the Enable dashboard on an advanced subscription package for the next 3 months.

This includes:

• Audience Report - allowing agencies to plan online campaigns easily and effectively
• Access to in-depth demographics to understand where target audiences are online in terms of specific details
• The choice of 20 demographic questions (from Income and Occupation to HH make up and decision making influence)
• Market Access - a hybrid of tagged and panel data allowing a more comprehensive view of the market
• Training- EM will provide training at any stage during the 3 month trial period
• Banking and Finance focused insight
• Data on which platform people are accessing site/campaign from
• Detail on the user journey (referral and destination sites)
• Demographics on individuals accessing the internet from a mobile device

"In the digital world, evidence based data fosters innovation. This kind of innovation allows agencies and advertisers to use advanced data sources to enhance their understanding of campaigns, audience and market insights. Enable offers access to a unified analytics dashboard that reveals digital behaviour across digital channels that allows the creation of highly targeted experiences for clients," said Effective Measure Account Manager Oceania, Claudia Barriga-Larriviere.

For further detail on securing access to the Enable dashboard, please click here

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