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Audit Bureaux Restructures to Reflect Growing Markets

26 Mar 2013

The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) and Circulations Audit Board (CAB) have today come together under a new brand identity - the Audited Media Association of Australia - to more accurately reflect their evolving leadership in media auditing and accountability.

The new brand, endorsed by members of the ABC and CAB, allows the two organisations to move forward as one and reinforces their expanding role in providing the media industry with independently audited data covering print, digital, web and email publications, and events.

CAB President, Harley Slatter said the future of the ABC and CAB's more than 1,500 members would be better served by a single organisation.


The Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), founded in 1932, and Circulations Audit Board (CAB), founded in 1957, are non-profit industry organisations governed by tripartite groups of publishers, advertisers and advertising agency members. They were created to ensure independent verification of media. ABC's primary audit service verifies paid print and digital circulation while CAB provides verified data across a range of media formats including distributed print and digital media, websites, exhibitions and many other forms of media advertising.

ABC Chairman, Dr Stephen Hollings said Audited Media would preserve the history and values of both organisations and their different metrics, while meeting the needs of Australia's changing media landscape.

"The ABC brand has served us well since 1932 and will remain as the symbol of trust in paid circulation. However in these rapidly changing times it is important to have an appropriate corporate structure and we have taken the opportunity to create a combined, more robust and efficient organisation to meet the needs of all our members and Australia's media industry," said Hollings.

"This single voice of accountability will represent the many facets of the media industry and provide a platform to promote the value of audited media to the business, media, marketing and advertising community more effectively," said Slatter.

A new board for Audited Media will also be formed with Hollings and Slatter taking on the roles of Chairman and Deputy Chairman respectively.

A joint working committee was formed more than a year ago to examine and oversee the process of bringing together the ABC and CAB into one new corporate entity, streamlining the financial and administrative functions of the bodies and creating greater efficiencies.

ABC members unanimously endorsed a special resolution on 22 March, authorising the dissolution of the ABC and the transfer of its assets, liabilities and membership to the newly registered company. CAB members voted similarly at a special general meeting on Monday, 25 March.

ABC & CAB chief executive, Paul Dovas said the existing audit and reporting rules for the ABC and CAB audit services would remain the same and the two brands would be retained.

"We want our members to benefit from the creation of one new legal entity encompassing the ABC and CAB while still retaining our two distinct brands. Our main aims are to streamline the financial and administrative functions of the bodies and give a contemporary, corporate not-for-profit structure to the organisation," said Dovas.

"The introduction of the Audited Media Association of Australia removes any misunderstandings within the market and allows a single, strong body to deliver accountability to Australia's media industry in the most cost effective manner."


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