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Targeting & Measurability Important Benefits of Online Advertising

08 Feb 2013

According to a new Software study, conducted by Forrester Research, marketers are using online advertising to drive revenue outcomes, but face challenges without ample visibility into key performance metrics. The study suggests that advanced ad management programs can help advertisers scale ad programs, enable insight into data, offload operational headaches and improve program performance.

Key findings of the study show that advertisers value online advertising because it's flexible, targetable and drives immediate revenue outcomes. 83 per cent of respondents are already held accountable for revenue outcomes; 79 per cent say that driving revenue is a primary objective for online initiatives. 74 per cent look to technology to ameliorate problems.

Most respondents said paid search, audience buying, retargeting and contextual ads when asked which online program types are most important for their business goals.

48 per cent of respondents outsource management of paid search to agencies, 35 per cent use free or propriety tools, and 17 per cent purchase 3rd party tools to aid search program management.

Online advertisers focused on real-time buying of targeted or direct response media will gain prominence over the next 18 months, according to the report. With the trend underway, the emphasis is on driving immediate and quantifiable revenue outcomes.

• 83 per cent say that their online advertising efforts are held accountable to revenue outcomes
• 6 per cent believe that their organisations are less focused now on driving revenue directly from online ads than in 2011
• 55 per cent expect revenue targets for their online ad programs to increase slightly in 2013, while 25 per cent expect a significant increase

65 per cent of respondents focus on driving sales, 64 per cent on leads. The number one measurement is site traffic, with online sales tracked by 48 per cent and 25 per cent measuring offline or customer value metrics.

Source: Mediapost

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