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Kim Williams Looks at the Impact of Technology as a Reason for Optimism not Despair

30 Nov 2012

In his address to the Melbourne Press Club Kim Williams, CEO News Limited stated:

"There's a lot of despair about the impact of technology, especially iPads and the like, on journalism. For me, despite the regrettable short-term pain, it's actually a reason for very real optimism. I say, look at it positively-consumption is up and up dramatically.

The real positive fact we should keep in mind whenever the urge to declinism overtakes us is that as I said before, people are now consuming more news across more devices than ever before in human history.

The challenge of course is to adjust, get product offerings right, get cost structures right, attract new customers and create revenue streams that can sustain great journalism.

It is my firm belief that this does not in any way imply a ‘dumbing down' of our profession, as some occasionally suggest. With all this growth global demand for the words and images we produce, it will always be possible to take good journalism to new customers in a financially sustainable way."

For the full transcript of his speech click here.

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