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Adspend Half Day Conference Attracts Big Names

09 Aug 2012

The 2012 Accountability in Ad Spend Conference will bring together advertisers, publishers, marketing brand managers and media buyers to hear real insights and experiences in media buying, selling and publishing, with a twist of accountability.

"The half day conference of short punchy sessions will be packed full of real-life case studies, insight and opinion on what is currently working in practice, as well as the pitfalls to look out for",comments Paul Dovas, CAB chief executive.

Media buyers need to place greater pressure on the big publishers to commit to independent auditing of their websites, according to David Gaines, chief executive of Maxus Australia and chair of the Media Federation of Australias digital committee.

While publishers such as Yahoo!7 and Telstra Ad Network have embraced digital auditing through the Circulations Audit Board (CAB), the majority have yet to commit to an independent audit of their online traffic numbers.

Gaines, who is joined by a stellar line up including News CEO Kym Williams, ACP's Louise Barrett, Starcom MediaVest Group's CEO John Sintras, NewsLifeMedia CEO Nicole Sheffield and marketing guru Ian Alwill amongst many more, will deliver the keynote presentation at the CABs Accountability in Ad Spend Conference this month.

The bigger publishers take the lions share of the market and they are selling inventory easily. Why should they bother to respond? If their customer base doesnt care and still throws money at them faster than they can sell the inventory, whats the point? They are businesses not digital evangelists, said Gaines.

Despite the introduction of Nielsen Online Ratings, the IAB endorsed Hybrid Measurement System, last year, issues such as auto-refresh and the incorrect placement of tags can inflate traffic numbers.

Maxus Australia was among the first media agencies to announce it would only buy advertising from audited sites in 2010. In his presentation at the Accountability in Ad Spend Conference, Gaines will discuss the impact this decision has had on the company and the importance it has held in the intervening years.

The size of Maxus means were obviously not bringing any publisher to their knees, but it is really more about making sure the people we are bringing up though the business understand what they are handing client money over for, said Gaines.

As advisors, agencies need to be able to tell a client exactly how their budgets are being used. If they are producing plans with comedy figures then they have immediately failed.

Gaines said he would also discuss the importance of accountability in ad spend and explore what constitutes audience measurement, with a particular focus on digital media, at the CAB conference.

The way that we transact with digital publishers is going to ultimately determine how we evolve the same process across all media platforms, so the importance of getting it right cant be underestimated, he said.


The half-day conference will be held at Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre on 23 August. Tickets for delegates are available by phoning (02) 9954 9800 or visit

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