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Will Publishers Survive?

01 Aug 2012

The signs from the iPad patterns suggest that traditional publishers will metamorphose. The lines between different content genres - publishing, TV, web - disappear. Is T3 a magazine, a new kind of TV show or a clever app? It doesn't matter - it just matters that people like it, will pay for it and, as more tablets hit the market, that there are more and more of them.

Tablets are liberating innovative content producers, not threatening them, and they are encouraging consumers to try new things. People who would never buy a paper magazine are happy to pay for them in digital form - 90 per cent of Future's tablet sales are to new customers. 45 per cent of them take out a subscription rather than just buy a one-off.

The iPad has sparked a revolution and the results of all revolutions are not easy to predict. But what we see in my company is a route to establish truly global brands and grow our consumer base worldwide. We already know that the Chinese iPad consumer, like the American or the Brit, wants to hear that guitar wail, not just look at a photo of it and read Jimmy Page's description. What a wonderfully exciting world we publishers are entering.


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