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Tablets Providing New Ways to Make Money

01 Aug 2012

Advertisers are finding that readers engage in much larger numbers with interactive ads on tablets than they do with web ads or display. And they are asking digital publishers to make the ads for them.

Suddenly there are whole new ways to make money. Like making ads, or sharing transaction revenues from click-throughs. And that is important because it is one thing to have the ideas about how to make electrifying digital content apps, it is quite another to work out how to pay for the video content and extra production resource. The economics are different and the production mindset has to be different too.

The answers are kind of simple but daunting. You have to rethink your products, rethink your markets, create electrifying new ways to engage your audiences. That's really it in a nutshell. And don't forget we are just at the very start of a long journey. If iPad users are already getting to be more finicky, how are things going to look in two, three, four or 10 years?

The good news behind all this is that it is still quality content which draws customers to our products in the first place. So publishers are one step ahead of the start-up whizz-kid with a bright idea. The other good news is that the creatives - the editorial staff and designers - all get it. They are excited by this new world with its wonderful ways to bring content alive and engage with readers.


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