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Supertemp Media Launches Senior Executive Expertise on a Limited Time Basis

18 Jul 2012

Media Convergence Asia-Pacific has launched Supertemp Media, a new division created to respond to the urgent and growing need for senior media executives to work in Asia on a limited time basis.


The service will offer media companies in Asia the support of experienced media executives for a period of no less than two weeks and no more than nine months to cover high level functions in editorial, advertising, research, subscription, digital, in addition to corporate management.


The on-going trend in media mergers to target synergies and efficiencies has often reduced senior executive positions to a minimum in the US, Europe and Australia. At the same time, print and digital media continue to expand in Asia, where experienced executives are now in a high demand.


Supertemp Media will fill the gap in media competence in Asia by providing the support of talented executives who will move overseas to take an assignment on a temporary basis.


"This is where East meets West and undersupply of talent takes up the oversupply," said Didier Guerin, President and CEO of Media Convergence Asia-Pacific. "In Australia alone, we have a pool of talented and experienced executives, who are interested in taking on new challenges and relocating on a temporary basis to solve problems and establish modern methods of management," Guerin, who will initially be supervising the company's new division told Publishing Edge that requests have already been received from China and the Philippines.


The Supertemp model is becoming a new trend in corporate management in the US and it appears to be more and more relevant to a variety of industries that are challenged by new developments, much like the print media industry in it's current digital transition.

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