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‘Friending’ magazines and advertisers

12 Jul 2012

"Friending" is considered a relatively new media concept. With the rise of social networks, traditionally the magazine medium's essential strength lies in the way in which readers "friend" and use their magazines, the way in which they search and find titles that connect with the personal self.


Several studies show the process of choosing magazines whose personalities suit or complement one's own is similar to the way one chooses friends. Indeed, in focus groups readers sometimes refer to their favourite magazine as "a friend" and as far back as 1994 research showed that when a magazine's personality matches a reader's personality, a close relationship develops.


This emotional relationship between readers and their favourite magazines are discussed in more detail in Proof of Performance - Making the case for magazine media due for release soon. In the book, author and FIPP research consultant Guy Consterdine uses worldwide, evidence-based research to show how magazine media, in print and digital formats, continues to thrive in today's digital age.


Proof of Performance highlights how magazines continue to offer an ideal opportunity for advertisers to engage with its audience. It highlights several considerations based on evidence collected from 110 studies across the world, including:


Further to the emotional bond between reader and magazine, magazines are active media, for they call for the reader's active participation, with the reader fully in control of decision-making about what to read and for how long.


Moreover, the typical magazine reading experience is often described as the "magazine moment". Whether the reader is surrounded by others or not, engagement with his/her magazine creates a private "bubble" that protects the reader from intrusion.


Various studies have also shown that magazines are unique in the extent to which the audience welcomes advertising as part of the overall content offering. It's a virtuous circle, as studies referred to in Proof of Performance - Making the case for magazine media will show.


Proof of Performance - Making the case for magazine media includes chapters on:

• Magazines in print
• Magazines in digital format
• A comparison of magazines and other media
• Advertising effectiveness


Packed with valuable information for publishers, national magazine media associations, advertisers and industry suppliers, the book is due for launch in early July.


Digital editions will be available for free via the FIPP website (pre-publication only) via FIPP's Magazine World Update newsletter (subscribe at


Printed copies (approximately 132 full colour pages) are available for pre-order (plus post and packaging/delivery costs from the UK), starting at £35 (for members) and £42 (for non-members) with special discounts for bulk orders. Visit for more information on how to pre-order and pricing.


In addition translation rights are available, which would include a small fee and full access to all graphics and rights. For further information on translation rights contact Helen Bland at FIPP.


Source: FIPP

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