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2012 the Year of the Great Publishing Migration

27 Jun 2012

2012 is going to be the year of the publishing industry's great migration. The digital push that began in 2010 with the launch of the iPad and gained momentum in 2011 with the growing popularity of tablet editions is poised to become a truly dominant force in our industry.

According to US based Bonnier, the potential for their enterprise - and the industry as a whole - to expand brand footprints on multiple digital platforms is easily the most thrilling prospect of the coming year.

Technology has provided extraordinary ways to consume media and has challenged innovation in the methods to reach readers through these emerging channels. Bonnier is preparing all their brands to meet that challenge and deliver the best digital experience possible.

In a recent release Bonnier stated: "Most of our brands are well-entrenched on the tablet - PopSci was the first to launch a tablet edition - so while we're always growing our digital content development to suit just-released devices like the Kindle Fire and Android tablets, our priorities have grown to include marketing our expanded brands. Luckily, there's no shortage of ways to do just that.

We're especially excited by news-aggregating sites like Google Currents, which has already been a great place for PopSci, with more than 125,000 downloads during the first week. Trial issues have long been a staple of the publishing industry, and it's really interesting to watch how digital properties are creating their own form of next-generation sampling. Sites like Currents, as well as other aggregators like Yahoo Livestand, Flipboard and Zite, are going to have a big role in drawing new readers.

Another area in which we're learning, and one that holds the most potential for revolutionising our business: codifying best practices for monetising the exposure to new audiences and recruiting readers to all platforms of the brand. How do we entice digital subscribers to include the print product in their buy? How do we move longtime print readers to digital? And how do we continue to help our advertisers understand and reach these audiences?

We've made one big move to help our advertisers: participating and supporting ABC's Consolidated Media Report. It's the first tool to truly provide metrics for our brands as a whole, including our digital and social media audiences. We want our partners to fully understand the opportunities our brands represent, and this is a great way to provide the full picture.

In this new digital world, we've found that our readers are the best resource for learning how to grow. We constantly ask what they like about our content and delivery, what isn't working, and what they'd like to see in the future. If there's one thing I can assure them, it's that we're listening."

Source: Emediavitals

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