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IPS Kicking Goals in Magazine Retail Distribution

19 Jun 2012

IPS, the newest addition to retail distribution competing with Network Services and Gordon & Gotch have received the thumbs up from Newsagency owners. In his well read blog, Mark Fletcher, Newsagency owner commented:

"When IPS launched I noted that they will be an agent for change. I think we are close to seeing this play out now. With 4,000+ newsagents with IPS accounts, they have distribution critical mass to benefit publishers."

After meeting with the IPS management the Newsagency Blog published a summary of IPS achievements so far:

• Increase commission to newsagents, minimum of 27% commission on ALL IPS titles.

• Provided approximately $600,000 (FY12) in additional revenue to newsagents through increased commission.

• IPS gives primary control of supply back to the newsagents.

• IPS is committed to continue building a Sustainable Distribution Model for the future.

• IPS is helping retailers and publishers to reduce wastage that results from over supply into the market.

• IPS provides newsagents with a next day top up service.

• Increase marketing & promotions for newsagents to earn higher commission on sales of IPS titles.

• IPS welcomes newsagents to provide positive feedback on our systems and policies.

• IPS works with newsagents to develop new business rules and policies to assist them in determining the optimum supply levels for each IPS title.

• IPS is committed to improving Customer Service by streamlining internal processes, providing additional training and development.

Source: Newsagency Blog

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