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Mixed Results for Media Ad Spend

19 Apr 2012

Overall media agency ad spend fell 0.6 per cent in March compared to the same time last year, with outdoor suffering a surprising 7.4 per cent decline.

Newspapers dropped 12.1 per cent, magazines a 10.3 per cent decline according to the Standard Media Index which measures media agency bookings.

However, digital soared by 17.2 per cent, cinema increased 11.4 per cent, radio was boosted by 2.7 per cent while TV also picked up an extra 1.1 per cent of booking compared to March 2011.

Toby Hack, managing director of media agency PHD said the figures reflected the continuing "volatility" in the market.

He added: "One of the things people are taking the opportunity of is short term deals, to maximise opportunities for their clients there.

"The main thing is the market being relatively flat overall is a lot more positive than we've been hearing other places, so it's more about those movements across media which is indicative right now of client campaigns and opportunities in the market."

But, he said TV may not see the hoped-for pick up in audiences as the main channels release a set of new shows including The Voice and Australia's Got Talent.

He added: "Investments, while they do follow audiences to some degree really follow the effectiveness of the investment media.

"Whilst there are deal opportunities hopefully we'll see a settling of audiences and a settling of investment patterns too."

Source: B&T

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