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Millennial Tablet Owners 21 Facts

28 Mar 2012

Once again, Apple had everyone all a-flutter last week with the announcement of the "resolutionary" new iPad. Given all the additional focus on tablets lately, it's a good time to hone in on what we know about Millennials and tablets.

21 Fast Facts about Millennial Tablet Owners

1. Slightly more than half of all tablet owners are Millennials.

2. One in three new tablet owners are Millennial women.

3. Thirty-five percent of adult Millennials own a tablet.

4. Nearly half of all male Gen Yers own a tablet-that's higher than any other gender/generation break.

5. Millennials are more likely to have a tablet than to own and regularly use personal digital media players without wifi (think older-generation iPods), netbooks, HD radios, satellite radios or e-readers. They are just as likely to have a tablet as they are to have a handheld gaming device or Blu-Ray player.

6. Male Millennials are about as likely to have a tablet as they are to have a DVR in their home.

7. More than half of Millennial-owned tablets are iPads; one in ten are Kindle Fires.

8. Male Millennials are more likely than any other gender/generation break to have a 64 GB iPad. Female Millennials are the least likely.

9. In a broad sense, the tablet has more utility to the Millennial owner. They think of it as much more than an entertainment, information and communication device. It's also an organizer, media storage unit, work device, social networking tool, style statement and recorder/documenter.

10. Still, slightly more than half of Gen Y tablet owners classify their tablet as a toy, not a tool.

11. Generation Y tablet owners are more likely than older generations to seek local news on their tablets.

12. Millennial tablet owners aren't the most likely to regularly use their tablets for social networking. (It's actually Gen X tablet owners).

13. Male Millennial tablet owners are more likely than any other gender/generation break to use GPS-based apps on their tablet to track friends and family (e.g., think find out where they are and then go meet up with them).

14. Two in five Millennial tablet owners regularly get sport scores on their tablet.

15. The three types of videos Millennials watch most on their tablets are, 1, user-generated videos (i.e. ,YouTube), 2, professional clips (i.e. movie trailers, TV clips) and, 3, full-length TV shows.

16. One in five Millennial tablet owners regularly watches adult/erotic videos on their tablets.

17. One-third of Millennial tablet owners regularly use their tablet at work.

18. Half of Millennial tablet owners regularly use their tablet in their living room/family room/den during primetime on weeknights.

19. Two in five Millennials tablet owners regularly take their tablet to bed during the week.

20. On the weekends, Gen Y tablet owners are more likely to use their tablets in their bedroom than any other place.

21. Gen Y tablet owners multi-task. Forty percent regularly cook or bake while using their tablet, 38% watch TV, 27% get ready/get dressed, 32% do housework, 22% go shopping at a store and 41% talk on a cell phone.


Source: Mediapost

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