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Email Newsletters Convert Best for B2B; Sales Emails for B2C

29 Feb 2012

Results from a survey released this month, conclude that lead generation category, benchmarks are significantly higher for B2B than B2C companies for newsletter conversion rates, and sales email conversion rates. Within the direct sales category, B2B conversion rate benchmarks are higher for newsletters, although B2C conversion rate benchmarks are higher for sales emails.

The results show that 55 per cent of client side marketers are using lead source to personalise/segment their mailings, while 53 per cent are using demographic data. And, although only 49 per cent currently personalise emails based on behaviour, including recent purchase, time on site, and pages viewed, almost one-quarter plan to do so in the near future. By contrast, the proportion who already factor in business information is roughly equal to those who have no plans to do so (46 per cent vs. 45 per cent).

55 per cent of organisations say they currently segment their emails by lead source (i.e. search, specific media, trade event), while a further 13 per cent plan to do so in the near future. 53) also segment by demographic data, such as age, gender, and region. Among B2C respondents, demographic data is the most widespread personalisation factor (67 per cent), while among B2B respondents business information is the most common (71 per cent).

Additional benchmarks offered in the report include the Newsletter Open Rate at 25 per cent, and the Newsletter Clickthrough Rate at 11 per cent.

The study says that social media competing for readers' time is the most significant challenge marketers face today, followed by budget challenges.

According to data from the study, only 25 per cent of respondents currently offer a mobile version of their emails to subscribers, although 37 per cent plan to do so in the near future, says the report. The most popular preference offered to subscribers is format (HTML or text), by 65 per cent of respondents, ahead of content (topics, news vs. sales info), by 58 per cent.

Source: Mediapost

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