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Mobile Website Launches to Protect Advertiser Dollars

15 Dec 2011

The Audit Bureaux of Australia (ABA) has launched an innovative online tool that allows advertisers, media buyers and business owners to quickly check a publication's audited circulation data, to help advertisers make safe and informed decisions when purchasing media ads.


Delivering on the ABA's commitment to make its data more accessible to advertisers, the ABA Quick Find tool allows users to search for the circulation and distribution data of more than 1,200 publications audited by the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC) and Circulations Audit Board (CAB).


The tool, which allows users to check if a publication really exists and is audited in a matter of seconds, is also designed to protect advertisers from media scams and misdirected campaigns.


The ABA estimates Australian businesses are losing more than $29 million each year as a result of media scammers, with small and medium businesses bearing the brunt of the losses.


More than 150 ‘fake' publications are estimated to have been operating in Australia in the past year alone, tricking businesses into paying fake invoices and spending money on advertisements that never reach their intended audience.


CEO Paul Dovas said the mobile website, which is optimised for use on tablets and smart phones, was one way for advertisers, media buyers and business owners to safeguard themselves against scammers.


"Choosing audited media is essential towards protecting your ad spend. The ABA Quick Find tool will arm advertisers with information to help them make better informed choices and avoid scams," said Dovas. "This is at the heart of the drive for greater accountability. The ABA has 1,200 publications committed to the process of accountability and transparency, and advertisers have every reason to question those who are not."


To coincide with the launch of the Quick Find tool, the ABA has also established a Facebook page for advertisers, media buyers and business owners to share and receive information related to protecting their advertising spend.


The Ad Spend Protection Club page provides the latest information and advice on audited media, media scams and misdirected campaigns and news from the ABC and CAB.


Access to the ABA Quick Find tool can be found at and visit the Ad Spend Protection Club's Facebook page at

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